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In the dissolution of a marriage, a divorce represents the process in which the assets, debts and other matters relating to a marriage are resolved.  In addition to the division of debts and assets, divorce procedures also determine the custody, care and future of any minor children. Divorce procedures vary from state to state. 

Emily Leininger, Attorney, focuses on the following areas:

  • Alimony or Maintenance
  • Property and Debt Division

Tennessee is a grounds-based state. No-fault divorces can be accomplished by a settlement of all issues.

Legal Separation

In some situations a couple may wish to pursue a separation in which they do not go through the divorce process but they become legally separated. While sometimes confused or overlapped with issues concerning divorce, legal separation also can be just as complex and an experienced family law attorney can provide you with the assistance you need. Call me today.

Alimony or Maintenance

Alimony, also known as maintenance, represents financial support made by one spouse to a former spouse. Maintenance can be modified to reflect changes in the marital status of a spouse such as the marriage of the receiving spouse or the death of either spouse. Conditions such as a set time frame (a specific number of months or years for example) or the ability to be modified are all part of the maintenance agreement. Unlike child support, the calculation of maintenance is not governed by guidelines or laws with respect to determining appropriate financial support for a former spouse.

Orders of Protection

To help protect yourself from future occurrences of physical or emotional abuse, if you have been a victim of either of these you can request court protection (also known as an Order of Protection). A protection order legally prevents stalking, harassment or other abusive behavior by the individual named in the order for the period of up to one year.

Division of Propery

There are a number of factors that courts in Tennessee look to in making a decision about how to divide property held by a couple.


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